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Bowl 4 Animal Rescue

Raising Money and Awareness for Animals!
Please help us reach our total event goal: $50,000!! 
(Though we have reached our $30,000 pledge goal, we are currently at $46,800 total. Our goal: $50,000!

Bowl-4-Animal Rescue
   Bowling Event
   Saturday, August 8, 2015 @7pm
Online Pledge Drive continues through Aug 31st! 
Highest Fundraisers announced at Bowling Event August 8th
 You do not have to bowl to participate
"Homeless animals don't care if you are a good bowler or a bad bowler, or no bowler at all!" 
 100% of Proceeds benefits Animals in Need!

Why We Host this Event:
"We are passionate about helping animals in need. There are so many animals who need our help and we want to be voice and make a difference for them. We think about them everyday and take it upon ourselves to raise much needed money and awareness to help them, and have fun doing it!
Together we can do so much more and that is what this is all about. We are blessed with willing volunteers who work year-round for this awesome event, only asking that we have participate support to make it a success! Please join us! We want people to adopt, rather than breed and shop, as there are so many souls already out there who need to be rescued. There are even purebred shelters. Rescued is our favorite breed!
Michelle Mullen & Aleta Sill
Retired Professional Bowlers
Your Bowling Coach &
Aleta Sill's Bowling World
10th Bowl-4-Animal Rescue:
Pledge Drive:
May 1, 2015 - August 30, 2015

Bowling Event:
Saturday, August 8, 2015
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
(Check-in starts @ 5:30 PM)
Awesome Auction Prizes* and so much more!
*Bring a bag of food and receive $10 in auction tickets!*
inside Country Lanes

Help us reach our goal of $30,000

$37,330 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!


Top 5 Teams
Sparty Keglers $6,464
Bowling Divas $5,229
Kramar Jewelry - Royal Oak $2,322
Aleta Sill's Bowling World $1,053
Jeri "Bear" Lantzy $1,047
View All
Top 5 Fundraisers
Aleta Sill $ 5,229
Michelle Mullen $ 5,068
Dave Boor $ 2,867
The Warren Family $ 2,649
Linda "DOC" Kinczkowski $ 1,150
View All




Participate in Pledge Drive (as a bowler or non-bowler) or Donate!

This is a SWEET fundraising site by Blue Sky Collaborative